This courseware was prepared by the Team Coleman, Flori, and Roberts as part of the requirement for Nova Southeastern University Course DCTE 770/870.

Multimedia Resources

Free graphics retrieved from the World Wide Web.  Available at

Photos and graphics taken from Picture Publisher.  (1997).  Micrografx, Inc.  Available at

Digital Photos taken and videos recorded by Kathleen Roberts (2001)

"Get a Job" sung by The Silhouettes
"I hope you dance" sung by LeeAnn Womack

Software Resources

Macromedia Web Design Studio 4 which includes Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4, Macromedia Flash 5, and Freehand 10.  (2001).  Macromedia, Inc., San Francisco, CA.  Available at

Inspiration Software Version 6  (1998-2000).  Inspiration Software, Inc.  Portland, Oregon.  Available at

Netscape Composer 4.7 (2000). Netscape Corporation

Word 1997, Microsoft Corporation, Inc. (1997).  Redmond, WA.  Available at