The Roberts Family wishes you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Bob, Charles, Kathy, Katie, Pat, Al
Mike, Helen, Rob
            This has been a difficult year for all Americans, but the tragedies of September 11th brought out a greater humanity in many people.  Fortunately, no one in our immediate family was involved in the World Trade Center tragedy, but we were all truly affected by it.  Kathy viewed the smoke and subsequent collapse of the towers from the 3rd floor of her school building.  Rob was scheduled to go to the NASD building that day, but a call came on Friday (before the tragedy) asking him to come to a meeting on that afternoon instead.  Yes, we have many things to be thankful for in these uncertain times.

         Katie (who most times prefers to be called Kathleen) is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. She is in the accelerated program at Berner Junior High School, which means she is doing two years in one in Science and Math, and enhanced work in English and Social Studies (and a presentation for National History Day).  In addition, Katie participates in CYO basketball (which Bob coaches), PAL lacrosse, and cross-country.  During the summer, Katie tried out for the USA Olympic Luge Team, Junior Division.  She was one of the 75 candidates, out of over 1000 nation wide, selected to train with the USA Olympic coaches to determine if she qualifies for the next step in a luge career.  Twenty-five of those candidates were invited to Lake Placid in November. During an intense week of training, Katie lived at the USA Olympic Training Camp in Lake Placid (while Bob and I celebrated a second honeymoon for our 27th anniversary).  During the mornings, the lugers trained on the world class luge track on Mount Von Hoevenberg, going 45 miles per hour down the same track that the Olympic lugers utilize.  During the afternoons were activities for strength training, socialization, and practicing on the facility's million-dollar Starter equipment.

        Mike (19) is a sophomore at C.W. Post College of Long Island University and resides on campus.  He is in the honors program and most recently was initiated into the fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi.  In his free time he has begun writing his first novel. To preview the introduction of this science fiction novel, go to He is majoring in English Education.

         Rob (23) is a stockbroker and successfully completed the Series 55 Equity Trading Exam to do Proprietary (Institutional) Trading. Although busy at work, he keeps in shape by working out and running.  In the Fall he was asked to participate in the Alumni Lacrosse Game at Siena College (where he graduated in 1999).  We all went up to Albany to see the game.  It was very exciting to watch Rob "lay the smackdown" on the youngsters from the college team.  It was odd watching our son play on the "Old Timers" team!

        Kathy is in her 29th year of teaching for the New York City Board of Education at Grover Cleveland High School.  She completed one year towards her Ph.D. in Computing Technology in Education. One of her reports (Universal Design in Online Learning Environments) was selected to be presented at the SITE (Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education) conference in the Spring and will be published in their Proceedings Book.  To see some of her web sites or the PowerPoint presentation of this report, go to  She tries to work out at the local gym to keep up with the athletes in her family, but there is so little time left in her day!  Often that gym bag sits in the trunk of her car for weeks before she can stop for an hour or so on the way home from work.

        Bob is in his 32nd year at Verizon as a manager in the Garden City complex .  He goes to the gym almost every day after work, as often as he can, to keep his cholesterol and high blood pressure down.  In addition, he coaches Katie's CYO basketball team.