A Virtual Tour of Egypt

Let's take a tour of Ancient Egypt!  You will be stopping off in several different areas to learn about specific items dealing with Ancient Egypt.  When you get a question, first click on the worksheet icon to obtain your worksheet.  Then you can go the tour icon to begin your tour.  When that tour is over, click the "Exit" icon on the top right to get back to this page to start your second adventure.  Follow the same steps of clicking on the worksheet and then the tour icon.

1.  How did geography affect the development of the ancient civilization in Egypt?

Worksheet Tour

2.  How did religion have an effect on Egyptian life?

Worksheet Tour1
Tour 2

3.  What was the life of the ordinary Egyptian like?

Worksheet Tour 1
Tour 2

4.  What was the role of the pharaoh and how did it affect the lives of the people in Egypt?



5.  To learn more about Ancient Egypt (reading, exercises, tasks, and games) take this Tour.

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