Grant Writing

Queens High School District

Date:  July 24, 2002

Instructor:  Kathleen Roberts

Course Description:

This course will take you through the grant writing process to prepare you to write a grant proposal in five lessons using sources created specifically for this session as well as Internet sources.  It is self-directed, but you are asked to participate interactively.  During these five lessons, we will focus on locating where we can get the funds and how we will convince the funding source that funding our plan will be worthwhile.  You will learn how to acquire funds for your school by writing grant proposals. You will learn about the sections of an RFP (Request for Funding Proposal) and how to write them to increase your chances of obtaining those funds. You will research funding sources, develop mission statements, determine target audience, develop needs assessment, create goals and objectives, set up a methodology, create a budget, write an assessment, and write an abstract. You will even complete an actual grant proposal that you can submit. Our grant writing lessons are separated five lessons. For this session, you will spend approximately one hour on each lesson.  At home you may access this site at any time.  Its url is:

Outcome Competencies:

  • to research funding opportunities
  • to develope mission statement
  • to determine target audience
  • to develop needs assessment
  • to create goals and objectives
  • to set up a methodology
  • to match needs to funding opportunities
  • to develop a budget
  • to create a timeline of activities
  • to match budget with time line activities
  • to write the abstract/summary
  • to organize the appendix

Required Reading and Assignments:

All readings will be provided in this website or on the online resources provided by the links. These can be accessed by using the lesson links below where your assignments will also be located. In addition, a Resource section is provided if you would like to learn more about grant writing after this course is over.

About the Instructor:
My name is Kathleen Roberts and I will be your guide for the three weeks of the course. I have several years of experience writing grant proposals and even winning quite a few.

Let's begin!

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Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5